If you are a golfer like me and spend plenty of time in the water, this may be the perfect gift. I take old wooden clubs and put on a duck head. They are hand carved and painted with acrylic paints. The duck headed clubs are for the golfer who cannot stay out of the water. The Bald Eagle headed club is for the golfer who dreams of getting an "eagle". We own Vizslas so I carved a vizsla headed club. (These carvings are for sale, click here to see all carvings for sale.)

 wood carving eagle carving vizsla carving

Carved refrigerator magnets. Fish and feathers.

 wildlife carving fishmagnets

Around the begining of the 20th century, taxidermy had not evolved to a point where fish could be accurately mounted. Those who wanted to preserve a trophy fish either had to have it replicated in plaster of paris (which was very delicate) or carved in wood. Shown is a 15" Brown Trout and a 15" Rainbow Trout. Both are carved 1/2 profile and painted with acrylics to express the character of the fish. They are mounted on pine boards and antiqued with a patina to look as if they have hung in a smoke filled room for years. This is an excellent way to remember your 'catch and release' fish.

 fish carving  fish carving

Every year I do a carving for the Pre-Mo Charities of Eugene, OR. Since the charity event is conducted at the home of the University of Oregon Ducks, it seemed logical to carve a "Duck Hunter". The carving was auctioned off to support MS Research at the Oregon Health Science University in Portland. This was for the 2010 auction

duck hunter duck hunter duck hunter

This was the 2011 donation.

wildlife carving wildlife carving wildlife carving

I have spent a great deal of my life working in the forest products industry. Since I used to sell plywood and OSB, these small carvings seemed appropriate.

wildlife carving

I am lucky to be able to carve logging boots for the Pacific Logging Congress. Every year they give out several of these boot in recognition for their member's work within the organization. To learn more about this organization, I have included a link to their website on my 'Websites That May Interest You'page.

wood sculpture wood sculpture

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