I started out carving birds and as the years went by and I became exposed to other styles. I saw the carvings of John Clarke, Albert Racine, the fish carvings of Ellen McCaleb and thought I would branch out and try different styles. I have started carving some animals, trophy style fish carvings, and I am even taking a class on classical chisel carving. Below are some pictures. I have carvings that are for immediate sale and they can be seen at the See What is For Sale page on my website.

Trophy Fish Carving

In The United Kingdom during the early part of the 19th century, fly fishing became very popular with the upper class. As fishing gained in popularity so did the desire to preserve a large or important catch. Earliest forms of preservation consisted of making a plaster of paris cast of the dead fish but because the casts were very heavy and extremely fragile, they never became popular.

It is thought that John Bucknell Russell of Edinburgh was the first to carve a trophy fish out of wood. John was already a well known painter and his carvings became popular with the sport fishermen of Scotland. Three of John's children carved trophy style fish and as it gained in popularity the craft spread to Scottish artist such as John Tully, P.D. Malloch, and London artists such as the Hardy Brothers. As taxidermy techniques improved and costs decreased, wood carved fish no longer were being used for reminders of that great catch. Trophy style fish carvings have started to become popular again with the 'catch and release' policies now in effect. People can take pictures and measurements, send them to a trophy fish carver and have that released fish hanging on their wall. Below are some of the trophy style fish I have carved. The next time you go fishing and catch that trophy, take a few measurements and a few pictures and I can reproduce that fish so you can hang it on the wall. This way you can prove to everyone that it really was 'that big'.

The first carving is a 23" Rainbow Trout. The second is a 16" Brown Trout made into a nice wall plaque. The third is a 23" Brown Trout. If you click on the picture, a larger picture will pop up.

fish carving

Here is a 16" Brook Trout owned by a collector, a Rainbow that was purchased by a company and presented as a retirement gift, and three 13" salmon carved from walnut.


I have also carved some bears and a couple of wolves.


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